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To make your use of our space a smooth and pleasant experience, we have some guidelines to live by. If everybody abides, our service will be super, your goods will be stored better, and you'll be happier using this self-storage center.


Rent for the month is due on the first day of each month. A late charge will be due and payable on any payment made after the 15th day of the month, so please be prompt.


You may move out of your space whenever you want, but please provide written notice of the date at least eleven (11) days in advance, or as early as possible, so we can schedule your space for the next Lessee. Cleaning Fee will be refunded if unit is swept out at move-out.


We are by contract and by law not responsible for any loss or injuries from your occupied space. We recommend insurance if the value of your goods is high.  Check your homeowners' or renters' insurance policy to make sure it covers "self-storage".


Sorry, but you just cannot store the things we have listed because of the obvious reasons we have not listed. Here is the No-No's: (The right is reserved to inspect all goods upon entry to premises.)


·         Anything that’s stolen -premises may not be used for any unlawful purpose.

·         No explosives, ammunition or dangerous chemicals.  CAUTION!  Do not store anything COMBUSTIBLE (i.e., Paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, paint, oily rags, etc.)

·         Gas cans must be drained before storing in units.

·         No improperly packaged spoilable foods.

·         Anything that’s alive and eating.

      Anything that leaks or makes loud noise.

      No sleeping will be allowed in unit.

      No type of heater or heat lamp is to be used in units.

      No sanding or spray painting to be done within the unit.

      Do NOT nail, screw, fasten or put holes in partitions.


Helping to Keep Peace of Mind

(and possibly sanity):

      Start by gathering as many boxes that you think you will need, tape, markers and packing material (i.e. foam shipping noodles, bubble wrap, packing paper or towels).

      If Possible, try to use uniform size boxes for easy stacking.  Seal boxes with masking tape.

      Buy a sturdy padlock and keep your unit locked at all times.

      Plan your storage space. Place those items that you may need to access often in the front.

      Place your storage items on 2x4 boards or on pallets/skids to guard against dampness. Any concrete floor may become cold and damp.

      Place plastic under all cardboard boxes as cardboard may absorb moisture from concrete floor.

      Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top

      Try to leave an aisle down the center of the storage unit for easier access. Leave a small space between the walls and boxes to allow for air circulation.

      Wrap mattress or box springs with plastic covers, drop cloths or paper. Do not set directly on floor or lean against walls.

      Keep upholstered furniture up off the floor.  Cover furniture with a dry soft cloth instead of plastic.

      Spray furniture with a good polish. Cover with drop cloths, sheeting, etc. whenever possible.

      To slow down rusting of exposed metal, apply a light coat of oil.

      Use boxes or clothing bags for storing clothes.

      If you are using plastic bags or covers to store items, leave a small hole in the plastic to help vent air. This prevents moisture from forming on the inside of the plastic as the temperature fluctuates from season to season.

      If you are storing a vehicle or other equipment, "winterize" it. For example, change the fluids and remove the battery.

      Do not store food items unless sealed in glass or metal containers.

      Defrost refrigerators and leave door open.

      It is not advisable to store pianos or art objects. Use climate controlled or heated units when storing business records, antiques or artwork. (Our units are not climate controlled.)

·         Visit your space regularly to help ensure that your items remain in good condition.

·         Make up an inventory of your items and keep it in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box.





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